Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to complete any program?

Check here to get and estimate

My Transcript is more than 1 page.

If your transcript is more than 1 page, kindly use PDF format to upload your transcript. You can use Camscanner to scan and make pdf of your transcript.

Which file formats are allowed for photo?

Only .JPG, .PNG, and .BMP files are allowed during photo uploads.

How much do I need to pay for admission?

You have to pay BDT 15,000 for Undergraduate and BDT 10,000 for Graduate Program

How can I pay My Admission fees?

You can pay your admission fees using bKash, Rocket, or Bank transfer.
For payment using bKash and Rocket follow the steps in this document.
for Bank transfer contact directly to the number 01755566994

I did not got any confirmation SMS.

Due to network interruption, sometimes SMS may not be delivered. In such case contact the admission office to verify status of your admission.

When contacting admission office kindly keep the tracking id as reference.

What if I loose my Tracking ID?

If you lose your tracking id, you should immediately contact admission office with the following information to recover your tracking id.

  • Your Full Name (As provided during registration)
  • Your Contact Number (As provided during registration)
  • Your Date of Birth (As provided during registration)

What documents will I need when submitting admission form?

Things you will need

  • Your Photo
  • Your Transcripts (HSC, SSC, and/or Under graduation)
  • Transaction Details

Preparing all documents

In order to submit the documents, you have to resize all files such that the size is below 500 KB. Use services like to resize images.

How can I check my application status?

On the homepage of this website there is n option to check your application status by using your tracking number. 

Input yur tracking number and click submit to check your application status.

Image cannot be selected from mobile.

If you have clicked the link from any social network and viewing the page from integrated browser, it may be a problem. These integrating browsers have the issue of not being able to select images from file storage.

Solution-> Use a proper browser to browse the page. This will hopefully solve the issue. This website is tested on latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on both Android and IOS

If the issue persists, contact us at

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