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18 April 2015

Introduction: the present world has been passing through inevitable but irreversible process of globalization. Bangladesh is a member of the world village and has been struggling for survival facing challenges in the fields of economic, social, political, environmental, human resource development and so on. For making the nation capable of facing the challenges, the present Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh pursuing a Vision-2021 has very aptly emphasized on the expansion of higher education of quality throughout the country. 

NEUB in Sylhet: The Government has given approval to North East University Bangladesh in Sylhet. Sylhet region is known nationally and internationally as the Holy Land of Awlias. Sylhet is known for its natural beauty and resources. Sylhet has embraced the qualities of the north viz the culture and technologies of the developed nations, and blended successfully with the oriental rich cultural traditions. 

Mission of NEUB: North East University Bangladesh is pledge bound to provide quality education at the tertiary level, so that its graduates can be the worthy citizens of the global village and survive in the competitions nationally and internationally. 

Goal of NEUB: North East University Bangladesh graduates are expected to be able to contribute to nation building activities as a productive force to enhance productivity. 

Principles of Management: North East University Bangladesh will pursue the democratic principles of management such as discussions with the stakeholders, that is the management personnel, faculty members, the students and also the guardians. North East University Bangladesh is committed to maintain, as late professor Dr. Bazlul Mobin Choudhury, former Vice-Chancellor of IUB advised the sponsors, high level of transparency and accountability at all stages. 

Methodology of Delivery and interaction: North East University Bangladesh not only deliver readymade knowledge to the students, but also inculcate in them the skills of how to source and gather knowledge and to apply knowledge. Interaction with people of various professions, such researchers, scientists, engineers, doctors, farmers, administrators, businesspersons will be arranged through seminars, workshops, gallery lectures, etc. The association of students with these people of reputation in their respective fields will help them to attain the skill of applying knowledge appropriately at the right time. 

Quality education at affordable cost: North East University Bangladesh is committed to promote higher education of quality at comparatively low costs that can be affordable by our people. Following matrix presents the rates for undergraduate programs.

NEUB Advantages:

  • NEUB is a new generation University.
  • Quality education at affordable cost.
  • Highly experienced and qualified faculty members.
  • International standard syllabus.
  • Well-equipped modern laboratories.
  • Specious air-conditioned online library.
  • Remedial English course compulsory for all students (Free of cost).
  • Special waiver for poor & meritorious students.


Undergraduate Programs:

BBA (Hons.) program 127 credits
B.Sc (Hons.) Mathematics 150 credits
B.Sc (Hons.) in CSE 160 credits
B.Sc (Hons.) in ESC   141 credits
B.A (Hons.) in English 123 credits
LL.B (Hons.) 140 credits
BSS in Applied Sociology and Social Works 134 credits

 Graduate Programs:

MBA (Regular) 64 credits
MBA (Executive) 52 credits
MA in English (Preliminary) 36 credits (Non Degree)
MA in English (Final) 36 credits
LL.M (Final) 36 credits
MSc. in Mathematics 40 Credits
MSc.(Preliminary) in Mathematics 37 Credits (Non Degree)
Master in Development Studies 44 credits


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  • Address: Telihaor, Sheikhghat, Sylhet-3100
  • Tel: +880 02996631220
  • Email: info@neub.edu.bd,
  • neubedu@gmail.com 
  • Mobile: 01755566994
  • Web: www.neub.edu.bd

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